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Sri Aurobindo Society is an association, a movement, an invitation and an opportunity to surpass oneself, to realize one’s unity with others and the whole creation, to work for a happier world, to participate in the evolutionary movement, and to create the Next Future.

You are welcome to join us in this effort. Let us be the change! Let us make a difference!


Volunteer your services, skills or time for any of the projects in the focus areas, according to your interest and choice. If you feel you have something to share or learn, lend your energy in programmes, activities, events and projects. We have several areas that might inspire you.

It can be done from wherever you live, according to your time and convenience. You can also come to Puducherry for short and long durations, and be part of the projects as volunteer, faculty, intern etc., within the existing facilities.

You can also participate in some work at any of our centres in a spirit of selfless service.

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You can contribute financially or donate equipment, space, computers or anything that will help our mutual effort of shaping a better future. The contributions can be general or earmarked for specific activities. Sri Aurobindo Society enjoys several tax exemptions under Indian tax laws.

Participate by way of contributions  


Become a member of the Sri Aurobindo Society and participate in the activities of your choice. You will receive regular literature and information regarding our goals, activities, projects and programmes. If there are 12 interested and dedicated people in your area, you can also start a Centre of the Society.

Membership to the Society is only a first step. The following could be a beginner’s programme, towards an integral participation:

  • Devote some time daily to study something from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, according to the query within.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes every day and ask oneself: Why am I here? What exactly do I want to achieve in life? etc.
  • Devote one hour daily for some work of the Society and do it in a selfless and unegoistic spirit.

Become a Sri Aurobindo Society member 

SAS & You

Incorporate the ideals of the Society or just follow your inner guidance wherever you are. Try putting into practice higher ideals in your daily life and in your interactions with people. Live in unity and with integrity to self, others, the environment, nature and be the change you would like to see in the world. Every progress achieved by you means a step forward for humanity.

Grow and Learn
We would like our lives to be beautiful and meaningful. We all have our dreams, aspirations and many unanswered questions about the purpose of life, how to give our best to the world, the meaning of relationships, overcoming anger and fears, illness, death, destiny, and a multitude of others.

At Sri Aurobindo Society you are encouraged and supported in finding the answers to these fundamental and important questions, not only conceptually but in your life and actions.

If you have an idea that aligns with the vision and work of the Society, we would love to hear from you. It could be an activity, a programme, a publication, a product, a service, a film or absolutely anything that you believe could contribute towards our common interests and objectives.


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