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Sustainable Development

In recent times there is a growing awareness about Sustainable Development and it is playing an increasingly important role in planning systems and industry all over the world. It is also raising some critical issues and fundamental questions which do not admit of an easy answer. Too often the driving force of change is fear, which creates its own problems.


AuroSpace is an International Institute for Sustainable Development, Design and Architecture based on the principles mentioned above, where young students, professionals, experts could come and participate in this important field, with a new, deeper approach.

This Institute will be housed in a magnificent heritage building, right on the sea, with a unique fusion of traditional French and Tamil architectures.


AuroSpace has already designed the rural development centre called ‘Sharanam’, which is part of SARVAM, our integral rural development programme. The construction of the Centre is nearing its completion. Sharanam has been chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as one of the most sustainable and green buildings in India and placed on their website.

AuroSpace is now working on the designing of the management, health, youth and educational centres at Puducherry and other places.



Sustainable Development - AuroSpace

A Walk Down the Organic Farm Lane’—One-Day Retreat at ‘Matrikunj’

Matrikunj—‘Mother’s Grove’, the sustainable development arm of Sri Aurobindo Society, organized a day-long retreat for a first-hand, up-close experience of a self-sufficient practice of natural, organic and conscious farming on March 25, 2017.

View Info | Mar 25, 2017


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