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Business & Economic Development

Our vision in the business & economic field is to work towards an integral perfection of the community where, as Sri Aurobindo puts it:

“The aim of its economics would be not to create a huge engine of production, whether of the competitive or the cooperative kind, but to give to men—not only to some but to all men each in his highest possible measure—the joy of work according to their own nature and free leisure to grow inwardly, as well as a simply rich and beautiful life for all.”



AuroService works in collaboration with the Sri Aurobindo Society, for a new economic order based on truth and spiritual values and tries to generate funds for the work of social transformation. Its guiding principles are truth, perfection, harmony and service.

AuroService undertakes and supports businesses which are meant to be living models based on work as sadhana and money as a means to realise and manifest divinity in material life.

The AuroService unit at Puducherry has its own showroom, Splendour, which sells environmentally friendly products of a high quality, including handicrafts and health products. AuroService has also established units in other parts of India. 


World-over, people have sought after the sublime truths underlying existence, for ways of bringing joy, beauty and harmony in their lives. Many have shared their insights, learning and experiences with others in various forms, be it music, dance, literature, art, an outlook to life.
AuroPublications undertakes the publishing of some of these expressions and endeavors to make them available in the world-market. The emphasis is on quality of content and beauty of presentation. Works of deeper insight, they are spiritually themed, while striving towards practical applicability. There is a special focus on the Integral Yoga and the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
The catalogue comprises publications in multiple languages—English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Oriya, Sanskrit, German—and also includes Multimedia and Audio CDs in its portfolio.
Publications are available in the SAS online store and are also distributed all across the country using various platforms online as well as in bookshops. For more details, please send an email to


To undertake all types of business endeavours as models and fields of practice for those who seek to carry out economic activities on a spiritual basis. Such activities include:

  • Production and sale of high quality, environment-friendly consumer goods
  • Tourism and Travel services
  • Generating funds for projects meant to transform attitudes and values in the business sector
  • Marketing products from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, SAS centres and branches, and other AuroService units, as well as locally produced quality items. To develop and market educational games and toys, health products, and quality handicrafts from all parts of India.
  • Research to discover the true role and system for functioning of manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution, marketing, advertising, export/import, transportation, tourism, communications, banking, labour, welfare, management, planning, etc. by bringing together people from various fields and disseminating and implementing the findings

The following are on the anvil:

  • A Self-employment and Training Section to provide vocational training to help young people become self-reliant by enabling them to establish their own business based on AuroService values. The Section will maintain a database of these young people for matching against demand for their skills.
  • A Consultancy Section will establish a database of individuals skilled in various fields willing to offer their services on a voluntary basis.

These projects are in their initial stages and are expected to grow, as more persons get interested and join the venture.

For a full list of Publications and Products, please visit the SAS online store at AuroService.



Business & Economic Development - AuroService

AuroPublications Wins Best Stall Award 2017 at Puducherry Book Fair

AuroPublications won the Best Stall Award 2017 at the Puducherry Second International Book Fair held at Vel. Sokkanathan Thirumana Nilayam, Puducherry, from December 22 to 31, 2017. Lieutenant Governor (Puducherry) Ms Kiran Bedi handed over the award to Vivechana at a ceremony held at the Book Fair venue on December 29, 2017.

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