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Rupantar is a strategically designed initiative that targets the highest impact areas in Education with innovative solutions to transform an entire state education system. These areas are teacher empowerment, vision and insight development among government decision makers, leadership skills for education administration, management skills for principals, and finally participation of school management committees (SMCs) that represent parents and the community.

Developments in these five areas translate into specific and measurable transformations in government schools. The final outcomes are up-skilling of teachers as master trainers, improved education delivery, enquiry-led learning environment, inclusive education, health education (sanitation and hygiene), career guidance for students, and technology enablement.

In 2015, Rupantar implementation started in Uttar Pradesh across all its 75 districts. With engagement of more than 4 lakh teachers and 1.7 lakh schools, Rupantar will eventually benefit more than 2 crore children of the state — of which over 70 percent are in rural areas. For India, this can mean significant support in bridging the skills divide.


Rupantar aims to establish an education system that is based on deeper human values and empower children to be life-long learners and fulfilled, happy beings. Its approach is to harness the potential of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship to develop scalable, sustainable solutions focussing on refining the existing processes rather than creating altogether new systems.

It  has the following features:

Inclusive transformation empowering all stakeholders — the decision makers, principals, teachers, students and the parents. 
Targeting the highest impact areas across the system to improve quality and reach of education. 
No new layers; Significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency of the existing resources and infrastructure.
Capacity building, inclusive and sustainable change.
A leap in the way Education issues have been approached so far — going beyond even the PPP model, government, nonprofits, corporates and volunteers working as one team.

Litchi Knowledge Centre is the implementation partner of Sri Aurobindo Society. It works with governments, thought leaders, institutions and entrepreneurs to transform education, guided by the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


The projects commenced in Uttar Pradesh as part of the Rupantar program are

 • Training of teachers and principals of the National Mission for Secondary Education (RMSA). In its initial year of 2015, 15,000 educators underwent this 3 and 5-day integral education-based training to discover their strengths and make education a constrictive process based on deeper human values.

Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI). This is one of the world’s largest ever programs that is first orienting government school teachers to innovation as a concept, and then facilitating wide-scale implementation of there innovative best practices. In 2016, in Uttar Pradesh, the program has geared up more than 4 lakh teachers to come up with innovations that require zero or minimal monetary investment, and implementation of their ideas will result in some degree of innovation in at least 50,000 schools every year. 

‘Leadership by Consciousness’ Training for Education Officers. More than 1,000 top officials, including the Principle Secretary, Secretary to CM, and State Project Director-RMSA, joint directors, district inspectors of schools, and basic education officers are undergoing this intensive training to gear up to drive state wide transformation in education. 

Rupantar projects to be further launched in Uttar Pradesh are

Innovation Centres of Excellence in Varanasi and Lucknow. These will engage the most innovative educators in development of new and innovative curricula, material and pedagogical models for the entire country, as well as facilitate state-of-the-art teacher education.

Education Intelligence System (EIS). This web-enabled solution with zero-typing requirement will facilitate collection of relevant micro level data from schools, and enable high level analysis and reporting to facilitate macro level decision making.


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