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Release of the Short Film THAT'S THE RHYTHM OF LIFE!, Produced by AuroMedia
WHEN Dec 9, 2013
WHERE Bapu Dham, New Delhi

The short documentary film That's the Rhythm of Life!

On December 9th, 2013, AuroMedia—the media, arts and communication unit of Sri Aurobindo Society—presented a short film, titled That's the Rhythm of Life!, produced during a video workshop by Andrea Camerini and Laura Di Nitto with the children and young people of Bapu Dham—a very disadvantaged area of New Delhi where an NGO, named Rhythm of Life, run by very young musicians who has been working in this area for the past two years.

In the way media is permeating all the various aspects of our lives, we need to ensure that its usage is for the right reasons and in the best ways possible. One of the major fields where the media movement can bring about a deep and lasting social change is education. Being able to read and write can nowadays be supported and equipped with the ever-growing world of media devices and means. Audio-visual aids attract and stimulate the attention of students much better than the conventional teaching paraphernalia. And to be proactive with ideas and intentions, and to make ourselves visible and audible, an understanding of the language of media can be a great help.

The screening and the impact of the film touched the chords of some like-minded media personnel that it was immediately followed by a donation of a video camera offered by two Italian supporters of AuroMedia’s music, arts and media-related educational projects—Siro Solazzi and Antonio Mangiarini—with the aim of creating an ‘OPEN YOUR EYES!’ Media Lab that can help the children train continuously on audio-visual productions. The enthusiasm of the kids (and their families) was overwhelming as they are aware of the opportunity they are gaining by getting their own Media Lab to express their talents and creativity.

This is a very important first step towards the formation of a series of creative music, arts and media hubs, especially for children and young people. These hubs have the potential of becoming very successful centres of education and training, which can result in some very inspired and imaginative filmmaking with the dedication and commitment of the participants. AuroMedia, with the tagline and aim of being ‘catalyst of change’, is awakening children to various positive and progressive possibilities to bring a change in their own lives and their social fabric, armed with media training and knowledge.

The first OPEN YOUR EYES! Workshop was conducted in October 2013 at Bapu Dham, New Delhi. Critical thinking and creative expression are the two key concepts of the work AuroMedia is doing with its music, arts and media workshops all over India and abroad.

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