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Management Development Programme for an Asset Management Firm
WHEN Sep 17–19, 2013
WHERE Gurgaon, India

There were 15 participants from the middle management category with experience ranging from 6–12 years. The participants have attended several training programmes earlier and were looking for practicial tips on how to implement the learning. The participants appreciated the reference and linkages to Indian philosophical / mythological thoughts during the learning process . There was an appreciation about the practicality of application in their day-to-day professional life.

Programme Feedback

Some of the feedback received from the participants:

I see this training of immense help if one can follow as little as even 20% of it. I have loved it and enjoyed it thoroughly. This is first such course of my life, for which I was sad when it ended.
No need to say, only a good trainer can make a training interesting and valuable, which you did so very well. A big thank for that!
Thanks again for making these 3 days of my life as one of best times and lifetime memorable. I really cherished each moment of it, and you would not believe but every night was a fight within myself to do a self evaluation.

– Ashwin Gupta                   

I seriously feel that I owe something to this training and that is that I should and should implement them in my real life , The big part I have to work on is networking and I will try implementing on that.

– Suvidha                            

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