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Sessions for Trainees of Police Training School, Police Department
WHEN Sep 9 & 23, 2016
WHERE Police Training School, Police Department, Government of Pondicherry, Puducherry

At the suggestion of the Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, Puducherry, the Police Training School of the Government of Pondicherry, decided to hold a series of sessions on Sri Aurobindo, his teachings and his work as part of their training school curriculum, in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society. These trainees are the new police recruits undergoing a one-year rigorous training programme before they are assigned their duty. 

As part of this collaboration, a facilitator from Sri Aurobindo Society, Shivakumar, conducted two sessions for about 175 police trainees of the Police Training School, on September 9 and 23, 2016, at their premises. During the first session on September 9, Shivakumar gave an introduction to the life of Sri Aurobindo and Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Following this, the work of Integral Yoga in the form of self-development was taken up for an interesting, interactive discussion. A question was put to the trainees as to how to prepare oneself if they want to be the best police cadets, and gradually, the trainees were led to the understanding of importance of keeping their body, emotions and thoughts at the peak of their fitness and dynamism so that each one can be at their best. 

During the second session on September, the facilitator, after a brief sharing of the Society’s work happening in the nearby villages and in the town, took up the question of what helps humans to be happy in their work. Through interaction and enquiry, and with the help of several interesting anecdotes, the trainees themselves arrived at the conclusion that things happening outside can only trigger their happiness, but its source lies within each one of them. Through discipline and effort, each one needs to be in touch with this source happiness so that one can retain this happiness in spite of the intimidating, tough and challenging situations outside. A further exploration revealed to them that besides happiness, there are several hidden talents and capacities too lie within that each one must find a way to bring out and express it in their life. With a promise of exploring the techniques for bringing out these hidden talents in the coming sessions, the second session concluded.
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