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Mantra Yoga—Cultivating Meditative Tranquillity in Work and Life
WHEN Oct 24–25, 2016
WHERE GAIL India Limited, Jubilee Tower, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Mantra Yoga adds quality to all that we do in our life, helping us to do things with more awareness and more in tune with the greater universe of consciousness. A two-day workshop on Mantra Yoga was conducted with around 30 managers, senior managers and top management officers of GAIL India Limited, titled ‘Mantra Yoga—Cultivating Meditative Tranquillity in Work and Life’. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce Mantra Yoga and explain how it helps improving all human activities and how Mantra connects us with the entire spiritual world. Mantra Yoga also adds quality to all that we do in our life and do it with more awareness—more in tune with the greater universe of consciousness. The main purpose of this workshop was to give a deeper understanding of the practice of Mantra Yoga and explain through experiential exercises the power of the primal sounds which are creative and formative.

The workshop was meant to help in affirmative thinking, reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity and memory; lessening negative thinking, expanding the senses, engaging creativity and producing feelings of happiness and joy; and most importantly, in silencing and integrating the mind, allowing the entire consciousness to vibrate with the Mantra; ultimately leading to a meditative state. 

Over the course of two days from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, the facilitator of the workshop Dr. Sampadananda Mishra (Director, SAFIC), introduced the participants the importance of the Mantra, the technique of Mantra-chanting, selected Mantras from the Vedic scriptures with their deeper meaning, Tantric Bijamantras, deeper meanings of the Primal sounds, the concept of Mantra yoga and how it helps one to become conscious of the aim of life, the different parts of the Being, the nature of the Mind, how the power of Sound could help control the Mind and other senses through the process of sense development. Since Mantra Yoga is deeply connected with the Sanskrit language, Dr. Mishra also discussed with the workshop participants as to how the Sanskrit alphabet lends such a scientific and systematic nature to the Sanskrit language. The Vedic, Upanishadic and Tantric systems of Yoga were elaborated upon, followed by the discussion on the importance of the Bijamantra. To make it more practical for the participants, Dr. Mishra gave various examples of stories connected to the discussion topics as well as conducted Mantra chanting sessions, which included chanting of Vedic mantras and Tantric bija mantras, especially the Chakra Purification Mantra which is chanted for purifying and energizing the energy centres. 

The participants were extremely focused on absorbing and reflecting upon the contents delivered in the workshop and highly appreciative of the content delivery mechanism. The different aspects of the Mantra Yoga, deeper aim of life, different parts of being, nature of mind and its control, etc., were explained to them by using lots of stories and real-life examples. 


“I liked most how the workshop was conducted.”—Tapas Das

“The workshop was exceptional and I liked most of the sessions and would try to practice to be simple, self-giving, and do things with devotion and right attitude. I suggest that this program should be done for our family and kids.”—Surendra Kumar

“I liked most the science behind the Sanskrit language and the mantra chanting. I suggest the duration of the workshop should be increased to one week.”—S. S. Khunita

“I appreciated most the explanation of the importance of Chandas, how it helps keeping our body and mind healthy.”—Dalmia Singh

“I liked the whole program and was convinced that through Mantra Yoga we can enhance our thinking power, happiness, quick decision taking capacity.”—Madan Pal Verma

“The workshop covered practical aspects of life. I will try to implement the process for myself.”—Dinabandhu Soran

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