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One Day Youth Camp in Jamshedpur
WHEN August 7, 2016
WHERE Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nature Study Centre, Jamshedpur

On August 7, 2016, our Jamshedpur centre organized a One Day Youth Camp at Tata Steel Zoological Park, Nature Study Centre in Jamshedpur.  The first of its kind in the city, the camp brought together four generations of people who bonded well thus bridging the generation gap.

The camp began with a session on ‘Aim of Life’ to which the 27 participants responded very positively. August 7 being Friendship Day this year, the Mother’s message on ‘True Friendship’ was read out which was much appreciated by all those attending. There was also a session introducing the life and work Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo Society.

Besides several invigorating participatory activities, an important topic covered at the camp was ‘Awareness of Oneself – One’s body, Emotions and Thoughts’. We were able to select 5 participants to help conduct the next camp in the city which we hope to host later in November.
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