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Workshop on Integral Health—‘Harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit’ by SACH
WHEN Feb 22–26, 2016
WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

Doctors and others medical professions help us heal from illnesses. However, what the studies indicate is that doctors and medical professionals often struggle with burnout, health issues and depression, and substance abuse as very real cumulative effects of bearing witness to suffering. This leads to asking the question: What are doctors and other medical professionals doing to practice self-care and wellness?

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homeopathy (SACH) organized a workshop titled ‘Harmony in Mind, Body & Spirit’ from February 22 to 26, 2016, for homeopath and allopath doctors, healers and health workers from Europe (including Bulgaria, Sweden and UK) and India at the Society House in Puducherry. The workshop was dedicated to supporting the field in finding ways to uplift and support those who work in service of others. 

The facilitators at the workshop helped the participants recognize that the healing community are best able to support others when they have replenished their own physical, mental and spiritual energies and taken care of themselves first. The workshop included well-planned, diverse sessions, such as 

Introduction to Integral Health
Stress Management
Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies
The Balance of Indian Food 
Biochemic Medicines and Remedies
Yoga and Mantras for Healing
Music and Dance Therapies
Art Therapy
Introduction to Integral Yoga

In order to deliver high-quality health care to their patients and the community, and to experience medicine as a rewarding and satisfying career, doctors need to be healthy. Research has consistently shown that doctors with healthy personal lifestyles and habits are more likely to impart healthy behaviours to their patients. This workshop offered healing professionals concrete tools they can use to develop practices of self-care and sustainability.

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