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WHEN Apr 16–17, 2016
WHERE Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Sri Aurobindo Society—Hyderabad Branch, Musheerabad, Hyderabad, Telangana

A two-day Sanskrit Workshop for Beginners was organized by Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) on April 16 and 17, 2016, at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Sri Aurobindo Society—Hyderabad Branch, Musheerabad, Hyderabad, Telangana. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Y. N. Rao, a famous linguist, and was attended by 25 participants from Bengaluru, Chennai, Kurnool, Jagityala apart from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
Both theory and practice of various scientific aspects of learning a language, including pronunciation of the Devanagari script, were covered during both the days of this workshop. Chanting of a few selected mantras/shlokas/devotional verses, reciting and singing of a few Sanskrit nursery rhymes/songs, and spoken Sanskrit were the other highlights of this two-day event.
The workshop was inaugurated by Mr. Srinivas Mulugu, Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Society (Hyderabad Branch) on April 16. Mr. Mulugu welcomed the participants and briefed them about the various activities of the Hyderabad Branch of Sri Aurobindo Society.
A valedictory function was held on April 17 at the end of the workshop. Mr. A. Premchander, Chairman, Sri Aurobindo Society—Hyderabad Branch, presided over this occasion. Mr. Ogeti Krupalu, famous Sanskrit scholar from Hyderabad and Dr. Nilakantha Dash, Professor, Department of Comparative Literature and India Studies, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, were the chief guests. Both of them spoke about the importance and significance of learning Sanskrit language. Later, they handed over certificates to the participants. Later valuable feedback was collected from the participants, wherein they expressed their pleasure and satisfaction with the content of the classes, venue, arrangements, topics covered and interactivity.
The workshop concluded with the chanting of ‘OM’ mantra followed by observance of silence in gratitude for an event successfully completed.
The following are excerpts taken from the feedback forms submitted by the participants:
“The workshop was fantastic! I am now able to write and pronounce letters in Sanskrit comfortably. Very interactive too, and really appreciate the format of the Workshop with chanting, etc. I felt it was totally perfect.” —Mr. Arunkumar Manickam, Hyderabad
“It is Divine’s ‘Prasaadam’ and should be accepted as it is, with a sense of Gratitude.” —Mr. P.R. Selvaganesh, Bangalore
“Whatever I write will be in superlative degree only. But that is the fact. It is from my heart, I say that everything is par excellence; way of interaction, way of imparting the knowledge and all supportive arrangements. More and more such workshops must be arranged, if possible in Chennai, Bangalore, and other cities.”—Mr. N. Kannan, Chennai
“Excellent classes under the able guidance of Dr. Y. N. Rao.” —Mr. K. Satyanarayana Murthy, Kurnool
“Good beginning to pursue learning and implementing the Sanskrit language usage.” —Mr. Muralidhar Vemula, Hyderabad
“I felt happy meeting such a great Guru! I would like to attend regular Seminars of this kind.” —Mr. M. Ramakrishna, Hyderabad
“In today’s era, we are blessed to be led to such fantastic Guru who is willing to share the perfect knowledge in him! It would be a great honour to successfully complete the Course and begin reading our Bhaaratiiya Samskruti and Saahitya.” —Mrs. Chaitanya Kanthi, Hyderabad
“Very good way to get introduced to Sanskrit!” —Mr. Sanket Kumar Patra, Hyderabad
“Completely satisfied with the pace, speed and contents.” —Mrs. Manju Bhargavi, Hyderabad
“For me this Workshop was an initiation into the learning of Sanskrit and its foundation under the able & expert guidance of Dr. Rao. I feel fortunate to have participated here which will change the way we learn the language. The Workshop anchored us in a ‘Satsanga’, and is a very holistic one. So, it brings us knowledge in our spiritual journey. Having been a language teacher, I really appreciate the methodology.” —Mrs. Kamala Govindarajan, Chennai
“It is excellent—completely satisfied!” —Mrs. J. V. S. Rama Lakshmi, Hyderabad
“Excellent get-together and efforts by Dr. Rao. For every journey we need to start with the first step. Thanks to Dr. Rao for helping us using the first step towards the life-long journey to learn Sanskrit! This Workshop is great and adequate in its place. If we could have similar Workshop once in two or three months with next Level of learning, we would definitely improve our learning.” —Mr. Subhash Chandra Mandal, Hyderabad
“At the age of 71, I am very lucky to have such a Guru! Tremendous work that is being put up by Dr. Y.N. Rao garu. The Workshop was excellent!” —Mr. B. Kutumba Rao, Hyderabad
“I was able to gain great insight with whatever I have learned through these classes. Finer points were highlighted which is welcome! Lucky to have attended this Workshop.” —Mr. V.B. Anand Sharma, Hyderabad
“A Divine experience! Expect this to be a continuous process, so that Sanskrit spreads like a wild fire and engulfs the hearts of everyone and becomes a universal language. The present way is perfect!” —Mrs. Balasubramanyam Rajeshwari, Hyderabad
“The Workshop was excellent! It was conducted much better than my expectations. Interaction and discussion were very good. Duration of the Workshop was sufficient. Arrangements made were excellent. Such Workshops are essential for learning the Sanskrit language.” —Dr. S. Madhusudan Rao, Jagityala
“Clarifications on Devanagari script are very much useful which we may not get from any books. More Spoken Sanskrit exercises and Meanings of some Shlokaas will be helpful. I rate this Workshop as excellent!” —Mr. Y. Ramesh Babu, Hyderabad
“This is a multipurpose Workshop! Knowledge as well as divinity! Divine feeling while chanting Mantras and learning greatness of sounds! This two-day workshop is wonderful! Similar workshops should be conducted at least once in a month.” —Smt. K. Vijaya Lakshmi, Secunderbad
“It’s very beautiful and very nicely designed & given. It’s a Divine service! Am so fortunate to attend this.” —Mr. Anandhkumar Chellappan, Hyderabad
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