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Workshop on “Svadharma – Know Your Role and Purpose in Life”
WHEN Mar 31, 2016
WHERE Department of Psychology, Arts Faculty, Delhi University, New Delhi

“Svadharma – Know Your Role and Purpose in Life” was the title of the workshop conducted by Udhav Sureka of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) on March 31, 2016, at Delhi University’s Department of Psychology. 

The workshop’s objective was to provide the attending students with an in-depth understanding of the concept of Dharma in light of Sri Aurobindo’s writings. Based on this knowledge, the students were guided towards recognizing the roles they play in the lives of others and the purpose of human life.
In the vision of Vedanta, the individual is not an isolated entity but one with the cosmic whole. To reach this higher consciousness, one must begin by understanding the role one has in other people’s lives – including parents, teachers, community, nation and environment – and find creative ways to successfully fulfill these roles. Role fulfillment aimed at purification of mind would help one overcome one’s sense of separation from others and recognize the reality of oneness.
Attended by over 30 students, the workshop included a multimedia presentation with real-life examples of fulfilling one’s Svadharma and living a life of oneness.
The speaker’s composure somehow aligned with the topic, the simplicity of subject matter – left a lot of role for contemplation. – Shreya Bhardwaj, M.A. (Psychology)
The speaker covered the topic comprehensively in an organized way. This topic is very close to me. I am doing my Phd. in this topic. – Ankita Sikarwar (Phd. Scholar Psychology)
I was confused about the idea of Svadharma. The confusion was cleared. In fact I found insights to
walk the path. – Poonam Sahota
The idea that every object or individual in this universe is contributing towards the holding together of the entire system. It makes me appreciate life even when personal circumstances appear difficult to deal with. – Suwanee Goswami  (Phd. Scholar)
The idea of oneness and realizing it; it’s something that really resonated with me because I have been
thinking about connecting with others lately. – Vindhya Nikhra, M.A. (Psychology)
Cosmic level and the individual level of the divine principle Dharma – I liked it because I have similar
perspective about absolute reality and it acknowledges my view as well. – Akshay Johari, M.A.(Psychology)
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