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SAFIC Various Events: February–March 2016
WHEN February—March 2016
WHERE Puducherry, Gurgaon, Kanchipuram

Training the Teachers

On February 18, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC conducted a session titled ‘Role of Sanskrit in Our Education System’ for a group of educationists from Goa. Dr. Mishra explained how Sanskrit is a powerful tool in fulfilling the deeper yet pragmatic aims of education. Because of the purity of the vibration of its sounds, rhythmic beauty, systematic structure, utmost flexibility, this ancient Indian language helps the child in her inner growth and also in the practical sense Sanskrit can help in concentration, linguistics, memory and de-stressing mind and body. 

Talk on Philosophy of Language

On February 19, Dr. Mishra was invited to deliver two talks on the ‘Philosophy of Language’ at the Department of Philosophy, Pondicherry University. This seminar was organized as a part of celebration of World Philosophy Day, supported by Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR). The talk was attended by faculty and students from various departments, especially from the Departments of Philosophy, Sanskrit, Psychology and Hindi. Professor Shanta Kumari, Head—Department of Philosophy, presided over the seminar. Dr. Mishra explained to the participants that the seers and sages of India viewed language and philosophy not in isolation but the two together as an integral whole. The birth, growth, development and use of language always followed the deeper philosophy of creation and life. He explained this by giving several examples from the Vedas, Upanishads, Tantras, grammatical texts and such works. He also highlighted how philosophy was integrated with the very structure of the ancient Indian language Sanskrit.

Sanskrit for Doctors

On February 22–24, Dr. Mishra conducted two special sessions on ‘Mantrayoga’ for a group of practicing doctors from Bulgaria. In these two days, Dr. Mishra covered the following topics: the nature of mind, significance of Mantra, power of Mantra and how to practice Mantrayoga. 

Camp on the Upanishads

On February 27 and 28, a two-day intensive study camp on Upanishads was conducted at Sri Aurobindo Society, Gurgaon branch. For these two days, Kenopanishad and Sri Aravindopanishad were chosen for the purpose of intense study. Around 35 people participated in this study camp. 

National Seminar on Continuing Creative Efforts for the Sustenance of Sanskrit

Dr. Mishra was invited as a speaker at a two-day national seminar titled ‘Continuing Creative Efforts for the Sustenance of Sanskrit’, organized by the Sanskrit Department of Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Vishwamahavidyalaya, Kanchipuram, on March 3 and 4. Dr. Mishra spoke on the topic ‘Using Electronic Media for the Preservation, Promotion and Propagation of Sanskrit’. In his session, Dr. Mishra explained about the current scenario of Sanskrit development and made a presentation of the multimedia products on the Gita and Chandovallari. Also, in another session as a part of discussion, Dr. Mishra explained about his contribution in editing Vasishtha Ganapati Muni’s Collected Works and spoke about Muni’s contribution to Sanskrit. 

Overseas Student

Andreanne, a singer and musician from California, United States, joined SAFIC to pursue her Sanskrit study. At present, she is concentrating only on learning and practicing Sanskrit chanting. She even participated in a musical programme organized by SAFIC, where she mesmerized the audience with her enchanting vocal performance.
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