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One Day AuroYouth Youth Camp in Hyderabad
WHEN Nov 28, 2015
WHERE Urbane College, Hyderabad

On behalf of AuroYouth, the youth wing of Sri Aurobindo Society, Srinivas Mulugu and Archana Udaykumar conducted a Youth Camp at Urbane College in Hyderabad on November 28, 2015. Forty students of the age group of 17 to 18 participated in the interactive sessions. Apart from having in-depth discussions on livelihood skills versus life skills, human evolution, people’s changing aspirations in today’s world, and blossoming into a perfect being, a lot of emphasis was laid on mental and vital aspects of development. The camp was divided into sessions such as ‘Aim of Life’ and ‘Inner Awareness’.

During the discussion on ‘Aim of Life’, the students sat in rapt attention and were very receptive to the topic. They jotted down their aim at the beginning, and by the time the session approached its end, they had reviewed their aim to hold a deeper meaning.

Overall, the sessions were highly interactive with the students eagerly throwing questions and participating proactively. They had several questions on dreams, concentration, sattwic-tamasic-rajasic natures. During the discussion on managing emotions such as anger and so on, they described their reactions to anger and how they addressed those reactions. There were also exchanges on parts and planes of being with examples.

The awareness meditation was well appreciated; and in those 15 minutes, some of the students were very conscious through the whole process. Soon after the session, a different energy was noted in the room.
In the final session on ‘Introduction to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’, the students were oriented to the life and work of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the activities of SAS. From the feedback of the participating students, it was noted that they were all glad to be part of the camp and some of them wanted more of such camps organized in the future.
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