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‘Bridging the Gap’—Workshop on Remedy Selection and Case Management by SACH
WHEN Aug 30–Sep 5, 2015
WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

From August 30 and September 5, 2015, an intensive workshop was conducted between by Sri Aurobindo Centre for Homeopathy (SACH, the health initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society) for a batch of homeopaths from the United Kingdom at the Society House in Puducherry. The workshop focused on the art of case taking and creatively applying the Science of Homoeopathy in a clinical setup.

With capable guidance from the seasoned faculty of SACH, each participating doctor explored the various methods of case analysis. At every stage, homeopathic principles as laid down by the founder Dr. S. Hahnemann were strictly adhered to. The key elements of the daily scientific sessions included individualizing the patient and his/her illness by applying the appropriate methodologies to arrive at the indicated remedy besides a comprehensive understanding of the Materia Medica and allied measures to cure patients holistically. The UK doctors were a committed group and proactively participated in every aspect of the proceedings.

To expose the mostly first-time visitors to the broader panorama of India, various facets of the country’s culture were introduced to them. A variety of Indian snacks, juices and teas were offered to them every day; besides, food from various regions of the country was also included in their meals. The workshop highlight was ‘India Day’—a cultural event in which the doctors enthusiastically danced to vibrant traditional Indian music dressed in colourful saris with white flowers in their hair and mehendi (henna tattoos) on their palms. Meditation at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and shopping were part of some the doctors’ daily itinerary. Finally, on the last day following visits to Auroville, Matrimandir and Mahabalipuram, it was time for the doctors to go home. Camaraderie, bonhomie and renewed vigour and confidence to handle patients in their clinical settings were their take home gifts.

Overall, the course was greatly successful in generating and enhancing the UK doctors’ knowledge in the field of homeopathy and adding practical application to it. Its objective of introducing participants to the vast ocean of homoeopathy and its practise was also met.


It was such a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, which was very conducive to learning. It was a nice and pleasant event and I am very happy that it went so well.” —Dr. Anjali

The live cases of patients in front of us brought such useful and rich learning—more helpful than just video cases (UK) to arrive at a thorough approach to find totality. Fabulous week! It was very special to meet other homoeopaths in such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Having the specific families together. Good balance of classes and leisure activities, especially LOVED the Indian evening. I would like to attend a longer one please!” —Dr. Rachel de la Cour

I have learned that what appears on instinct to be an obvious remedy is often not the right one, and there are many remedies with similar pictures which provide a closer match but are less obvious. I have also learned that to prescribe intuitively I need a wider, deeper knowledge of Materia Medica. Personally, I have learned the importance of patience and listening to my colleagues, however many times I have heard their problems.” —Dr. Lucy Wytchard

Having discussions about how different perspectives influence potential remedy choices emphasized practically the need for objectivity, clarity and the usefulness of clarification from patients were appropriate. It is very positive to learn in an environment where everyone is supported to express themselves without anxiety.” —Dr. Brenda Mathews

There are exceptions to every rule, even in homoeopathy. I love how so many people do voluntary work in and around the Ashram. The visit to school was Amazing. I have learned some lovely new questions over the last few days, such as *3 wishes, *happiest events in life and *how do you relax.” —Dr. Agnetha

Good to see a case taking demonstration. Got clarification on miasms and how to prescribe when multiple miasms are present. Learned that a physician needs to bring confidence in a patient and try to appreciate humanness.” —Chaitalee

Excellent overall, especially the insights into the questioning of patients, the analysis, selection of remedies, and understanding miasms. Thank you for imparting this knowledge.” —Ana Pedro

The participation of the group was so friendly; nobody worried about making a mistake. Thank you again for your kind hospitality. We all appreciated it very much.” —Dinah Kidd

Effective repertorization exercise with all participants contributing in the second case. Both the cases were well taken. The analysis in the beginning to become organized made it easy for the participants as was observed from the kind of responses during the sessions. Materia medica differentiation ancillary measures were also elaborated for both the cases. The group was cohesive and participative.” —Dr. Rama Hariharan

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