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International Yoga Day Celebration at Central Prison
WHEN Jun 21, 2015
WHERE Central Prison, Kalapet, Puducherry

 Puthiya Nambikkai (meaning ‘New Hope’ in Tamil) is an initiative by Sri Aurobindo Society, which aims at rehabilitating the inmates of the central prison, Puducherry, and also to improve the conditions of the family, the ultimate sufferers once a person the family is convicted for some crime.

As a part of PUHTHIYA NAMBIKKAI—PRISON REFORMATION PROJECT, a Yoga Training Session was organized at Central Prison, Kalapet, Puducherry, to mark the International Yoga Day observed on June 21, 2015. Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, joined hands with Pondicherry Police to conduct this one-hour session for the convicted inmates in the Central Prison. Dr Prabhat Mohanty, yoga expert and trainer, physio- and neurotherapist, conducted the yoga sessions.

The yoga session started at 6:30 am with collective silent prayer, followed by chanting and a brief description of the history and effects of yoga on the human body. Dr Mohanty explained to the inmates that ‘Yoga is not just about building body structure, but connecting the inner being to the Divine. If yoga is practiced regularly we find positive changes happening gradually within us at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. There is also a great improvement in the functioning of the body and the organs.”

About 45 inmates in the prison participated in this yoga session enthusiastically. Several yogic postures were demonstrated, and Dr Mohanty explained the effects and the benefits of each asana on the human body. He urged all the inmates to practice it regularly so that the full benefits of yoga would be achieved.

The inmates discussed and queried Dr Mohanty in detail about other aspects of yoga, post session, showing their keenness to know more about yoga and its benefits. This programme was possible because of the active support provided by Mr Jagadeesan Kannan IPS, Inspector General of Prisons, Puducherry; Mr M. Panchatcharam, Chief Superintendent of Jails; and Mr J. Jeyakanthan, Superintendent of Jails, Central Prison, Kalapet, Puducherry.

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