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SAFIC Various Events
WHEN May – June 2015
WHERE Sri Aurobindo Society Branch, Delhi; Society House, Puducherry

Three-Day Intensive Sanskrit Workshop in New Delhi

SAFIC, in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo Society, Delhi Branch, organized a three-day Intensive Sanskrit workshop from April 15 to17. In this workshop, 30 participants actively participated in learning Spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit alphabet, Meters in Sanskrit and chanting Mantras. Among the participants, 20 girls studying Sanskrit at Kamla Nehru Women’s College were present to deepen their knowledge of Sanskrit. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC.
Tutorials Organized in Puducherry
From April 24 to 30, 2015, Mrs. Kalpa Gopal and her son Jayanth, daughter Vidya and daughter-in-law Louise were in Puducherry to learn Sanskrit from Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Director, SAFIC. The workshop was conducted for this family with a keen drive to learn this ancient Indian language. In this workshop, they were taught various dimensions of Sanskrit language and literature. They learnt about the wonders of Sanskrit alphabet, chanting Mantras, power of Sanskrit, basics of Sanskrit grammar, chandas or meters of Sanskrit and conversational Sanskrit.
Similarly, from May 1–10, Shri Dilip Kumar from Chennai was in Puducherry to learn, understand and recite Dayashatakam composed by Vedanta Deshikan. In Dayashatakam, there are 100 verses composed in 11 different meters in Sanskrit. It is an immensely enriching experience to chant this following the nuances of the different meters employed in the composition of these verses. Dilipji not only learnt to chant these from Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, but also recited the entire Dayashatakam from his memory in the way he was taught. He learned 10 verses every day during his stay.
Workshop Organized for Seth MR Jaipuria School, Lucknow
On May 11 and 12, a teacher leadership programme was organized by SAFIC for the key members of Seth MR Jaipuria School, Lucknow. In this workshop, the founder of the school, the principal, vice-principal, counselor and head-mistresses of various sections participated. Dr. Alok Pandey, Member, Advisory Council, SAS, oriented the participants on ‘Aim of Life’, ‘Role of Teachers’ and ‘Principles of Vital Education’. Dr. Sampadananda Mishra shared with them his thoughts on ‘Life Beautiful’ and ‘Taking Guidance from Gita’s Teachings in Daily Life’. Matthijs Cornelissen and Neeltje Huppes, founders of Indian Psychology Institute, Puducherry, enlightened the participants on Psychic Education.
Teachers’ Orientation Programme at Puducherry
As a part of SAFIC’s teachers’ orientation programme, all those who are interested to teach or currently teaching Sanskrit at primary level in any school are supported with extra Sanskrit sessions. This year, from May 17 to 23, 2015, Sanskrit teachers from Hyderabad were here for their orientation. These teachers were explained how to teach Sanskrit innovatively to the children of different age groups. In this programme of SAFIC, the teachers are trained according to the curriculum they follow and yet add a little to make the language more appealing and attractive to students. The orientation program was facilitated by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra.
SPANDANA: Intensive Sanskrit Workshop, Level II, at Puducherry
From May 24 to 30, 2015, SAFIC’s Second-Level Intensive Sanskrit Workshop was organized. In this workshop, there were18 participants from various parts of India, learning the functional grammar of Sanskrit, conversational Sanskrit, Sanskrit meters, stories in Sanskrit, songs and rhymes in Sanskrit, about various scriptures in Sanskrit and chanting of Mantras. This was the 12th workshop in the series.
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