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Workshop to Streamline the Palliative Care Community Volunteer’s Training Program
WHEN May 31, 2015
WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

A workshop was conducted to streamline the community volunteer training program in palliative care, on May 31, 2015, at Sri Aurobindo Society office. SANJEEVAN is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society in collaboration with Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM), Kozhikode, Kerala, aiming to practice an integral approach to end-of-life care in Puducherry. This initiative aims to develop a comprehensive system of community-based care for the incurably ill, chronically bedridden, elderly and dying people in Puducherry, through the development of a compassionate community, in order to address end of life care issues.

The purpose of this preliminary workshop was to generate training modules, curriculum and to consolidate the currently available training materials for the three step palliative care community volunteers’ course (1 hour/ 3 hours/ 12 hours). Several eminent palliative care practitioners and volunteers from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry participated in this workshop. Their presence was highly significant in making this workshop a truly benefiting initiative in the field of community-based palliative care.

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