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Training the Trainers Programme by SACH
WHEN Apr 12–14, 2015
WHERE SACH Clinic Premises, Satya School and Society House, Puducherry

Sri Aurobindo Center of Homeopathy (SACH, an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society) and Satya School (a partner institution of SAS), organized a Trainers’ Training programme for Dharithree Trust, an institution for children for special needs (specializing in mental disabilities), based at Bengaluru. A total of 36 members came to Puducherry for three days of training programme for self-development.

They visited the Satya Special School campus and were given a presentation on the Arohan project in which SACH and Satya Special have joined hands to provide the best education, therapy, training and rehabilitation to children facing any kind of disability. Children are provided special education, physio-therapy, speech-therapy, sensory training, hydro-therapy, visual stimulation therapy, prevocational & vocational training headed by experienced qualified and committed staff. For recreation, children have good facilities for indoor/outdoor games, music and dance, outdoor trips, art and painting and other amenities. 

Chitra Shah, Director, Satya School, delivered a talk on the history of the special school and the challenges faced by them. She also made the participants aware of the need for parents to be counselled and kept involved in the education and rehabilitation of special children. Those parents who come from economically backward strata of society are given training to improve their financial status. 

In addition to other sessions, there was a session on the wonders of Sanskrit language by Dr Sampadananda Mishra, and how learning the language can help in speech therapy, increasing concentration and memory. The session was mesmerizing for the participants. The visitors also enjoyed the natural and scenic beauty of Puducherry, with trips around town and to Auroville. The splendors of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville were especially appealing for all the participants.

The trip was a great opportunity for the visitors to learn about the running of an educational institution for special children. It was also an occasion for them to rejuvenate and rejoice in the spiritual and sacred atmosphere of the light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

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