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Painting Workshop by SANJEEVAN
WHEN Feb 10–12, 2015
WHERE Kuruvinatham village, near Puducherry

FB Photo album of the painting workshop

A painting workshop was conducted for the patients under the care of SANJEEVAN, on February 10–12, 2015, at village Kuruvinatham (near Puducherry) as a part of the palliative care for terminally ill and chronically bed-ridden. SANJEEVAN is an initiative of Sri Aurobindo Society in collaboration with Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM), Kozhikode, Kerala, and HelpAge India, New Delhi, aiming to practice an integral approach to end-of-life care in Puducherry, based on a spiritual approach. This initiative aims to develop a comprehensive system of community-based care for the incurably ill, chronically bedridden, elderly and dying people in Puducherry, by taking care of their physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

The creative painting activity was carried out in Kuruvinatham as there are 8 patients in this village who need palliative care and more than 20 trained volunteers to assist these long-term and terminally ill patients competently and compassionately.

A visiting artist—Ms Nishat Rehman, a postgraduate in Fine Arts, from the College of Art, University of Delhi—helped the SANJEEVAN team conduct this workshop in the village milieu for the comfort of the patients.

Two of the patients were involved throughout the duration of the workshop. One among these—Krishnan—is suffering from paralysis from the waist down. He was badly injured in an accident two-and-a-half years ago that left him physically paralyzed and mentally depressed. Krishnan started getting home-based palliative care support last year after SANJEEVAN started their door-to-door services in Kuruvinatham and other villages in this area.

The other patient—Kayalvizhi—is 10-year-old girl with chronic myeloid leukemia (a kind of blood cancer). She loves drawings, colors and painting. Recently she had to be stopped from attending school due to her ill-health and chance of infection. Now the SANJEEVAN student volunteers are helping her continue her education at home.

Ms Nishat volunteered to help patients to paint the walls of their homes with beautiful sketches and colors, and ended up having some really wonderful creative moments with patients, family and volunteers! This was an amazing exercise and cheerful moment in which SANJEEVAN made a visually happy difference by adding colors to the lives of everyone involved!

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