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Women’s Council Seminar—‘Aspiration for the Right Attitude’
WHEN Nov 21–23, 2014
WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

A total of 69 delegates (46 women and 23 men) participated actively in the seminar held November 21–23, 2014. The programme presented a multidimensional approach to ‘Aspiration for the Right Attitude’, in various fields of life. On all the three days, Datta, an experienced teacher in the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (also known as Ashram School) conducted the early morning sessions from 6 to 7 am, on ‘Rhythmic Movements: Body’s Aspiration for the Divine’ for delegates of all ages, ranging from 12 to over 80 years old. She explained that the Divine created the world in a harmonious rhythm. Every being, every person, everything has its own rhythm which is in harmony with the rhythm of the whole creation. We have to learn to be in tune with that Divine rhythm which connects all and brings harmony and beauty in life.

The Seminar started with the Mother’s recorded music—‘Marching in the Search of the Soul’—followed by a beautiful invocation hymn by Aishiki Sen, our youngest delegate, studying in the Ashram School. Dr Alok Pandey introduced the subject ‘Aspiration for the Right Attitude’ in a very simple and interesting manner while interacting with the delegates. Krishna Modi enlightened all by her PowerPoint presentation of the flowers giving various aspects of Right Attitude, which was continued to the next day also.

After introductions, the participants were organized into separate groups with a group guide, and were given Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s selected words on the topic for their reflection and expression in the group. This was continued to the second day also and created a very lively interaction among the delegates in small groups where they could share their ideas and experience freely.

There was a concentrated session of learning the Mother’s shlokas (couplets of Sanskrit verse) from Kajari Sen, enjoyed by all. The importance of Right Attitude was shared in various fields of life by different speakers, namely ‘Right Attitude in Sadhana’ by Pradeep Narang, ‘Right Attitude in Human Relations’, in business and personal life, ‘Problems in Daily Life Conquered with the Mother’s Help in Bringing Harmony’, ‘Listening to the Body’s Consciousness Leads to the Right Cure’, ‘Understanding of the Right Attitude on the Patient’s and the Doctor’s Side Effects a Speedy Cure’.

A dynamic workshop on the subject by Saikat Sen included some interesting games on self-consciousness, vigilance, concentration and collaboration in teamwork and some video clips which showed how to face and conquer the problems with determination, patience, courage, innovation and constant contact with the Divine. Gopal Bhattacharjee shared personal experiences in working for the Mother and explained how our deficiencies and outer adverse circumstances can be solved by our sincerity and utter trust in the Mother's guidance.

A new DVD—‘The Divine Journey’ on the Mother's life, prepared by the Ashram on the occasion of the Centenary of Her first arrival in Pondicherry and meeting Sri Aurobindo, was shown to the participants. PowerPoint presentations were held on inspiring incidents of constant aspiration and undaunted courage in facing the challenges with the Mother’s help, a personal experience of Right Attitude saving the situation, music therapy which evokes an instant harmonious tuning to the Divine, were the outstanding presentations on the subject.

The last session was organized by the delegates, started with a chorus singing of Tamil devotional songs, response from the delegates about their happy participation in the seminar, two entertaining skits based on the stories told by the Mother on ‘Self-Control’ and ‘Courage’, and ended with a resounding collective chanting of ‘OM’. The delegates received the gift of ‘Inner Attitude’ book and prasad from the Mother and left with a happy feeling of fulfillment.

For details of the Seminar and photos, see January 2015 issue of ‘Awakening to the Beauty of the Future’, a monthly magazine publishedby the Women’s Council.

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