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SAFIC Awarded a Unique Sanskrit OCR Software
WHEN January 2015
WHERE Berlin, Germany

INDSENZ, a Berlin-based organization which pioneers in making optical character recognition (OCR) software for Indian languages, has selected SAFIC to offer its Sanskrit OCR software for free of cost.

An excerpt from the mail sent from Oliver Hellwig, Founder, INDSENZ:
“I am pleased to inform you that your organization is one of the finalists to receive the free Sanskrit OCR software. The sponsors wish that you would take maximum advantage of Sanskrit OCR software and continue your hard work in preserving the Sanskrit literature.

Wish you all the best in your endeavors towards preserving Sanskrit literature and scriptures.”

INDSENZ OCR programs help people to convert printed Devanagari texts into digital, fully searchable and editable documents. The first versions of the OCR programs were developed by Oliver Hellwig, the founder of ind.senz, around the year 2000. Along with associated linguistic software, they have been constantly improved ever since.

ind.senz is a term combined from ‘ind’ (for ‘Indian’) and senz (for ‘sense’, alluding to the programmer scene and, at the same time, pointing to the German origin of the company) and summarizes the company’s main mission: Making sense of documents in Indian languages!

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