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An Exhibition on the Wonders of Sanskrit Alphabet
WHEN Sep 22–30, 2014
WHERE Ashram Exhibition Hall, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry

Sanskrit, indeed, is one of the most exceptional languages of the world, perfect and highly potent in its linguistic expression. The alphabet of this language is flawless and comprehensive. Organized scientifically within the five distinct mouth positions, the sounds of Sanskrit are extraordinarily capable of creating the highest degree of resonance and clarity of articulation.

This exhibition 'Varnamala' was organized to explore not just the wonders and splendours of Sanskrit Alphabet, but also to showcase the power of primal sounds which hold the key to the cosmic sound and reflect the prime power of creation.

The Main Focus of the Exhibition was threefold:

Phonetic Values of the Sounds of Sanskrit Alphabet
Inner significances of the Letters of the Sanskrit Alphabet
Practical Value of Learning Sanskrit Alphabet

The exhibition was open to all, to spread the experience of the beauty and charm of an ancient Indian treasure.


“The Science of the Language could be very well understood”

—Justice Suneet Kumar, Allahabad High Court

“The best explanative language exhibition I’ve come across. True that with this powerful language India should’ve been a ‘Superpower’ already! Yes it is India’s Greatest Gift to the World! Wonderful exhibition of a Wonderful Language”

—Seshathri C, Photojournalist

“Excellent! This exhibition should also have a workshop to help pronounce, understand and internalize the sounds, words and meanings of Sanskrit. It has definitely made me more conscious of what and how I speak. Thank you!”

—Prarthana Kalaskar, Homeopathy Practitioner

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