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Participants at Matrikunj, the organic farm
A view of the Boulevard, Puducherry beach
At Auroville, the universal township
Team Key Fincorp Services Pvt Ltd
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Offsite Visit by Team from Key Fincorp Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
WHEN Sep 6–8, 2014
WHERE Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

A beautiful presentation of the visit as PDF (~2MB)

14 staff from the Key Fincorp Services Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, this time chose Puducherry as their destination to spend their 3-day offsite visit on 6th, 7th and 8th of September 2014. They included both office and non-office staff, but together, as a team, they participated in all the events and shared the whole experience of visiting Sri Aurobindo Society together and equally.

Here is a highlight of their programme with the Society:

Day 1:
The team reached Puducherry around 1:00 pm and after a brief rest, they had an initial introductory session about Ashram’s way of life, its education and about Sri Aurobindo Society. This was followed by a beach walk along the Bay of Bengal.

Day 2
Day two was a busy day and started early with a trip to Matrikunj, the Society’s organic farm at about 11kms from the main city. Baburambhai of Matrikunj took them on a guided tour on sustainable living, exposing them to the trees, herbal & flower plants and the vegetable garden of the area and also explaining the group about the organic and bio-dynamic farming techniques attempted here. The next visit was to the nearby Sharanam, the Centre for Rural Transformation which is part of the rural development project of the Society.

The afternoon started with an informal interactive session with Shivakumar where he shared with them the vision and the aspiration with which the collective work is being done at the Society. He also mentioned that the key to making outer life rich and meaningful is to develop and have a rich, conscious inner life. After this they met Vijaybhai who shared some simple and yet deeply significant tips on living a more conscious life.

Day 3
It was yet another beautiful morning, made more beautiful by a visit to Auroville, the universal township, oraganised by Gopi. There was also a visit to Matrimandir, and the group instantly fell in love with the place and its ambiance. They sat in its premises silently for a while, and could feel a deep peace filling the surrounding area. The lunch at the solar kitchen was yet another enjoyable experience.

Spread over this visit was the Samadhi Darshan at the Ashram. Everyone could feel the spiritually charged atmosphere of the ashram and felt connected with their inner being. On Day 4, the group left Puducherry, but they took back some very beautiful memories and inspirations.

Here is some of the feedback from the participants:

“We were inspired to do less and observe more.” “We have a great sense of togetherness there.”

“My favorite place is Samadhi of The Mother & Shri Aurobindo, It holds immense power itself. Whenever, I go there, I strongly feel the presence of the divine. I also discovered there must be a surrender to the Divine and an opening to the Divine Force, so that it may work to transform one's being.”

“Auroville – who could think there could be something like a place to meditate with a crystal ball in the center and with single ray of light falling on it. As I entered I could never imagine there would so much quietness and so peaceful inside.”

“About Matrimandir Meditation: the best experience I have ever had in my life.”

“The session with people from Sri Aurobindo society was great and full of learning. Their spirit to empower children and women is worth taking to the world. … Lot of thoughts cropped into my mind to adapt their philosophy into my own life and try to change the way people think. So as it is correctly said it all starts with me. So I will definitely try to change myself first and take it to the people in my association.”

“Meeting Vijay bhai was truly an enriching experience. His wise words made me realise how life goes beyond the materialistic comforts. They guide one on leading a meaningful life.”

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