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SACAC Annual Study Tour
WHEN Jan 21-25, 2014
WHERE Society House, Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) is a media and communication college of Sri Aurobindo Society based at Delhi. The institute is imparting value-based quality education in film and TV production, creative photography, journalism and advertising and provides the physical and psychological space where students can develop their creative potential and acquire the necessary professional skills along with higher and deeper values in their search for excellence. Every year the various departments visit Puducherry for an Annual Study Tour, where experts in their relevant fields provide theoretical and practical knowledge and hands-on experience through various workshops. This year from January 23 to 25, students of Creative Photography, Audio Engineering and School of Creative Documentary were a part of this tour.

Apart from individual sessions, there were some combined sessions of holistic education for all the students, which are as follows:
Session I: Introduction • Purpose of Life • What Is Yoga/Spirituality • Mind • Vital Energies • Relationships • Basic Pranayam
Session II: Dharma • Karma Theory • Karma in Practice • Destiny & Free Will
Session III: Handling Failure • Attitudes • Case Studies • Building Your Own Path • Handling Success • Universe ‘N’ You

These sessions were extremely resourceful, impactful and inspiring which is apparent from the feedback received, which included:

  • "After every topic being discussed, more windows are opening. Feelings & Expressions”
  • “I had no idea about all this. Everything is there in our minds, thanks for opening the windows."
  • "Freewill & destiny was one of the most awaited sessions and I am happy we did it. Thanks Sir for doing this. It really helped.
  • “I thank my fate for bringing me here."
  • “Karma in practice was a wonderful exercise. It is exhausting to think about things in theory, but surprisingly easy in practice.”
  • “I think this workshop has been extremely beneficial for me. I think such sessions should continue for benefit of more people.”
  • “Today was a great day. I could actually find a lot of answers to some of the experiences I had earlier in my life.”
  • “Today's sessions were very effective and these will definitely serve to heal aspects of my life. “
  • "Inner connect and finding answers to simple questions in life. Workshop was intensive but has made a huge impact on my being. Guess its karma."
  • “Thank you so much for opening many mental blocks”
  • “Overall I would thank Sir from the bottom of my heart for these three days. Loved it and learnt the deep inside thoughts.”
  • “The topics really hit you and make you realize the actual realities of life. Earning the best in ourselves is more important than just earning money.”

The students of Creative Photography batch 2013–14 attended a workshop with Sebastian Cortes. The workshop is a part of the photography curriculum at SACAC and the first trimester of the course culminates with it. A New Yorker and a New York University film school product, Sebastian Cortes has collaborated with many of the best names in the international industry over the years. Sebastian now lives and works in India.

The students of Audio Engineering and Music Production visited Svaram in Auroville. Svaram is a vocational training centre at Auroville that specializes in making musical instruments and researches on the healing power of sound. Aurelio is the Director and co-founder of Svaram. He shifted base from Austria to Auroville 20 years ago and trained in classical guitar and Hindustani vocal and studied the shastras. He then decided to impart what he knew to more people and Svaram was born.

The students of Creative Documentary interacted and received some priceless and crucial tips from R. V. Ramani, an FTII graduate with more than 15 independent films under his belt, who shared his knowledge and experience at a workshop aimed at documentary learning.

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