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Ten Paws Project—An ABC Project of AuroJeeva
WHEN January 2014
WHERE Streets of Puducherry

AuroJeeva was happy to kick start 2014 on a positive note with the ABC (animal birth control) conducted on ten dogs. Sponsored by a Spanish NGO, the Ten Paws Project was quite challenging since everything had to be arranged for—the house, the vet, the dogs and even the table to operate on. Seven females and three males were operated by Dr Jayprakash and his team over a period of 4 days. All dogs had their own rooms after surgery and were showered with love and care by the AuroJeeva team until fit enough to be put back on roads. One in particular, Spot, was from the street where the operations were taking place and continued to visit voluntarily. All dogs were vaccinated for rabies, and one was additionally treated for cancer and two others for scabies. The complete report of the project as it unfolded can be read at http://aurojeeva.org/project-ten-paws-3

AuroJeeva will soon begin the second phase of this Project with another ten dogs but at a different venue, where thankfully a running clinic and shelter is already available, which leaves the volunteers with only the task of catching dogs (an adventure trip in itself!).


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